Money Magnets

We have several Money Magnets built in for you.
But do you know what Money Magnets are? Do you know what works best for your audience and business?

If "yes" ... If "no" ...

Done For You

Imagine 7 long steps to getting ready for a real, sustainable, lucrative online business that generates income even if you're not working!
Now what if 6.5 - yes, six and a half - of the steps are already done for you!

See for yourself ...

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Viral Power

NOTHING propels your business forward faster, cheaper and easier than Viral Power!

This is how FaceBook, Twitter, the iPhone, smart phone apps and others have become runaway successes.

Want yours? Check this out ...

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Instant Host - Why!

For You - The Busy Entrepreneur

You are busy.

  • You want a business or you have one but want to develop it further
  • Time is money
  • The longer you take doing background, preparatory, maintenance or techy tasks, the more (time) costs you incur! And the longer it will take you to reach profitability or increased profitability!

This is exactly the reason Instant Host is for you. Your precious and limited time is no longer wasted doing mundane 'busy work' that adds 'nothing' to your profitability.

You are now free to focus on business development and profit generation. Let Instant Host instantly create your money-getting, fully-managed (by the Instant Host Team), business site.

The Money Is In Marketing!

You are now free to market your products and services on a business platform that protects your business and efforts from loss! That's right, most people learn the hard lessons after losing their business to some tech problem, hacking etc.

Protect, Survive, Thrive ... Fail & Disappear!

Instant Host automatically backs up your site every single day without you lifting a finger.

Do your own research. Even those of your savvy friends who conduct their own backups admit they "don't backup often enough". Of the few who have actually managed to restore their data after a disaster, have found their backups are way out of date!

You have no such worries with your Instant Host platform.

Leap Frog Your Competition, Effortlessly!

You have a massive edge with your Instant Host platform: Technical Superiority!

You already know you cannot be the master of everything, right?

So, do you want to spend precious time and money learning same things our 'Instant Host Team' has learned over the last 2 decades? ... actually, make that 100+ man-years of technical knowledge that we have in the team.

Or do you want to focus on developing your business?

Well, if you choose to focus on your business then you have a team of super-tech-savvy 'Hosts' working for you that leave your competitors way, waaaay behind! You see, not only do we push your business forward with the latest and greatest technology solutions but also we invent and develop solutions that none of your competitors have access to!

... just check out our current and future solutions by way of our built-in traffic and money magnets, social media marketing tools and info distribution channels that spread your marketing material far and wide to places you (and your competitors) cannot possibly reach on your own!

Go on, check out your one-click-ready Instant Host site right now.

Thank you for your interest

Master Host ;-)