IS - Instant Start - Speed Start Your Online Business

Start Now!

Kick-start your business now. This package gives you everything you need for a fast start:

  • Hands-free world class web hosting platform
  • All the very best technical extensions pre-installed for you and ready to go
  • Lots of business templates pre-installed for you. Just choose what suits you with a few mouse clicks or leave the default one as is. Your choice. Our training shows you how to change templates or even add your own
  • Pre-installed Money-Magnets
  • Pre-installed start-up content
  • Auto backup of your content, daily
  • Full server management
  • All the training you need for your online success

How is that for a hassle-free system!

One thing though: Instant Host is totally exclusive and by invitation only.

So the only way in is through the invitation link your friend sent you that led you here. And notice that the same protection covers your interests when you invite your friends - nobody can get around your invitation. Fair?

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