Done For You

Imagine 7 long steps to getting ready for a real, sustainable, lucrative, online business that generates income even if you're not working!

Now what if 6.5 of the steps are already done for you!

Here are the steps:

1- Web Hosting

Figure out what true business web hosting is.

And then try to find a web hosting company. Be warned for every 1,000 rogues there just may be 1 half decent one. It is a fact that the vast majority of the clients are novices. This is what most of these web hosting companies rely on to get away with extremely poor service, faulty products and borderline negligent customer attention.

Reviews won't help you much if you are not an expert. The vast majority of review articles are written by the 'affiliates' of these hosting companies. The affiliates get a commission for every referral they make. This means the majority of the reviews are suspect at best.

We've figured this out for you. We cover it all so you don't have to.

2- Web Platform

So, what 'platform' are you going to choose as the foundational structure to 'trust' your business to? This choice has significant and massive long term impact on your business. It determines the availability of professional help and the cost of that help for fixes, changes and development of your site.

Your choice also impacts what business functionality you can easily add to your site from the outset and what you have to have custom developed because your chosen platform may not have it in the form that suits your business. Think about the extra time and costs involved in just getting to the "starting line".

Our team has a combined technical & professional experience of more than 100 years! We know as well as anyone and better than most what works. Hey we have literally and actually invented a dozen technical and business solutions. Our team members even have three worldwide patents to their credit!

We've not only figured out the absolute best platform for you but also added two more inventions to it that nobody else can possibly offer you!

3- Tools

Think of a normal office and you can immediately picture lost of office equipment. Your website is your virtual office and it too has to be jammed packed full of virtual equipment, i.e. tools, to push your business forward efficiently.

What is the most efficient and productive piece of equipment in your real office? Nope, not your computer. It is you & your staff! The reason I equate your human capital with equipment is that in your virtual office - your web business - this vital element of your business does not move around and do so many things we take for granted in real offices.

In your online business, who is going to take notes when prospects visit your website? Not humans. So you need a tool for that. Who is going to answer questions? Not humans, at least not directly using voice. It has to be another tool that is partially managed by humans behind the scenes.

Who will make a record of all your potential prospects and their interests (for later marketing)? Yes, again another tool is needed.

You have to figure out all those tools, find the best in class, find the most competitive pricing and then have someone install them for you.

We've included in Host Spider, all the best in class tools that every online business needs. We'll add everything else that may be specific to your business in particular. Join us and talk to us. We are here to help you succeed.

4- Training Material & Coaching

Every business has its own skill set and specialist knowledge. The same goes for 'operating' the business.

Currently training material, online classes and coaching cost anything from $100/month to $1,000/month and even more! But think about it ... you have spent much more than that on a vacation, a car or even house.

So price is not the real issue. Rather value and return on investment is the main determining factor in your decision. But online, how can you assess which course, which coach and which material are worth your money or even accurate!

We've got it all covered for you. When you join us, you'll begin to get a series of invitations to our live coaching sessions in which you'll experience some of our 100+ years of team experience. You'll also see weekly additions to our library of training material within your account.

5- Maintenance

Like anything, your real office, your car, your house, your web business also requires maintenance. Online it is truly easy to simply lose your entire website in a split second! It is like a hurricane that you cannot buy insurance for.

Quality maintenance is therefore critical to your business survival and success. Again your problem is how to assess what's available to you and the considerable time and money it takes to do it properly for when that virtual hurricane strikes ... and strike it will.

In over 25 years of IT work I have never seen a system that never crashed! Only high quality maintenance has saved the business for a minority of savvy business people. Make sure you join that tiny minority of savvy people with just one simple decision: have business platform with automatic backups, maintenance and a team of experts to support you when you need them.

Relax! No worries here. We do it all for you. If there is something specific you need, we advise you or you tell us. Either way, consider it done.

6- Support

No matter who you are, how much you know and what kind of business you want to run, you will still need regular help and support. Put simply, nobody knows 'everything'.

No matter what type of hosting you pick, which hosting company you select, regardless of your web platform and all the training material you can buy, there is one thing you cannot just grab any time you need or want it.

Of course you know I'm talking "support". You should never allow yourself to be stuck. That is bad business management. You can mostly avoid that thru a good support system.

But where can you get that? There are absolutely no companies selling technical, platform specific support as well as hosting support, in addition to online business support and online marketing support.

Trying to get that kind of support when you actually get stuck is the worst possible time to find out: it simply is not available on the market, not from a single, cost effective source and certainly not as part of an overall service and at no extra charge to your existing hosting!

But that is precisely what we do. Remember our primary team with over 100 years of combined experience? Well,we also have a secondary team. If there's anything we can't do or don't know immediately, we call on our large and comprehensive team of industry partners and get the answer faster than anyone possibly can.

This support alone, the knowledge you can gain from it and the vast number of problems it solves behind the scenes for you, is second to none and pretty unique. Look around and see for yourself. Please do let us know if you find anything like this and do take note of what they charge you even before you know anything about their qualities (or lack of).

7- Marketing

Great marketing can make a success of even a mediocre product. But even a brilliant product can fail as a result of poor marketing. You need marketing tools and real action.

Of course you also need the marketing skills and know how for online business but we have that covered in our training material and coaching sessions.

7.1 Best Tools

Every tool that you need from the get-go is already in your Instant Host site ready & waiting for you. More will be added as and when you need them.

And don't forget our multiple innovations and two new inventions that you only get in Instant Host and absolutely nowhere else!

7.2 Action

OK, look up above. That was 6.5 steps to online success. This last 0.5 step is "Action"

We've done the first 6.5 steps for you. Are you prepared to take just half a step - that is: marketing action - for your own prosperity and sustainable financial success!?

Then do it now! Every single day without this income is a loss to you!